Amber Heard Said Pooping on Her Shared Bed With Johnny Depp Was a 'Horrible Practical Joke'

Amber Heard Said Pooping on Her Shared Bed With Johnny Depp Was a 'Horrible Practical Joke'


Even if you don’t normally follow celebrity news, you’ve probably been unable to avoid coverage of Amber Heard and Johnny Depp’s very public legal battles. Everything from their body language to interviews with those who are inside the courtroom have been topping the headlines as the defamation lawsuit reaches a fever pitch. 

Not every element of the fight is quite so subtle, however. Depp alleged that Heard once pooped on the bed they shared as a way to antagonize him, and that’s the kind of fact that’s hard to forget. What does Heard have to say about the accusation and bizarre act?

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp are at the center of a very public trial 

Depp and Heard are both quite famous in their own right, so this trial has gotten attention from fans of both actors.

As Page Six reports, the pair initially met on the set of The Rum Diary back in 2009. They played lovers in the drama, and Depp remembered their time on set as a spark for potential romance: “I think there was something in the kiss in the shower that was real.” Heard agreed with the assessment, but they were both in relationships and wouldn’t date until years later.

When they both found themselves single in 2012, they started dating and had an amazing time together, culminating in a romantic Caribbean island wedding in 2015. 

Things did not go well from that point forward—one thing that people on all sides of the debate can agree about. Both Depp and Heard have alleged horrendous abuse against one another. In 2016, they split with acrimony, and Depp reportedly sent Heard on her way with an $8 million settlement. The abuse allegations, however, were just heating up. 

In 2018, Heard — with help from the ACLU — penned a high-profile op-ed in The Washington Post that outlined the alleged abuse she’d suffered at Depp’s hands. Depp, as a result, was fired from many upcoming projects and became blacklisted throughout much of Hollywood. 

The fallout has resulted in a defamation lawsuit against Heard and a countersuit against Depp. Now it’s all in the court with the outcome still up in the air. 

A security guard reports Amber Heard’s comments about the poop incident

The allegations from both Depp and Heard are often quite horrifying, and one moment that stands out as particularly unique and shocking is the claim that Heard intentionally defecated on the bed she and Depp shared. 

Allegedly, the pair had a particularly ugly fight one night back in 2016. As Insider reports, the fight got so bad that Depp left the apartment and went to his Hollywood Hills house to let things cool down. When he returned, the housekeeper found a surprise for Depp on his side of the bed: “fecal matter.” 

“It was so outside, it was so bizarre and so grotesque that I could only laugh,” Depp explained of the incident. 

A security guard verifies the incident happened and says that he and Heard discussed it. After initially blaming it on the dogs — Yorkies who were unlikely to produce fecal matter of that size — the security guard says she admitted it was “a horrible practical joke gone wrong.”

Fans are starkly divided in their response to the couple’s legal battles

Whatever the outcome of the trial, there will undoubtedly be angry fans for one or the other of the actors. 

Social media and blogs are filling up with opinions, analyses, and serious arguments about who is to blame and who is telling the truth. Fans have come to each celebrity’s defense in passionate droves, and both stars have had their case held up as an example of a larger cultural problem. 

For better or for worse, the outcome of this trial is likely to have serious consequences on the public discourse around domestic violence. 

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