Alice Evans complains about her ‘collaborative divorce’: ‘A phenomenal scam’

Alice Evans complains about her ‘collaborative divorce’: ‘A phenomenal scam’


There have been a lot of opinions about the way Alice Evans and Ioan Gruffudd’s split has happened out in the public sphere. Alice has forced the drama out in the open, giving periodic updates on her social media about how Ioan came home one day and suddenly announced that he wanted a divorce, and yet six weeks later, she was blindsided when he did file for divorce. She recently said that she “refuses to be dignified” about it and she seems to feel like she can publicly manipulate or bully Ioan into coming back to her, or at least that’s how it reads to me. I also don’t like how she’s dragging the kids into everything. This whole thing is a mess and it’s largely because she’s using her social media as a public confessional. So, here’s the latest: Alice doesn’t like the “collaborative divorce” process.

Ioan Gruffudd’s estranged wife Alice Evans has accused the actor of ‘winding the s**t up me’ as she posted a vitriolic video about their ‘collaborative divorce’ talks on Tuesday. Back in January, Alice. 49, revealed that they were breaking up after 20 years in a shock Twitter statement and accused the actor, 47, of ‘mentally torturing’ her – with the actress taking to social media regularly to update fans on the split.

She said: ‘I have been served with a petition for divorce and it’s came out of the blue and I won’t cry. But we’ve been 20 years together, we have two amazing kids. I don’t know why. At the moment we’re doing something called collaborative divorce which is somewhere between a really kind way of doing divorce and a phenomenal scam. Because in one way it’s “okay, let’s hear what you would want and take it to the court afterwards” and in another way it’s like, people in the acting business will know when an agent says to you “we just can’t find you the roles”. It’s a bit like, I’d like my daughter to stay with me on Saturday nights, “it’s just not within our possibilities”.

The star then accused Ioan of misleading her with collaborative divorce, adding: ‘And then I read nothing is binding in collaborative, absolutely nothing. So if I want my daughter to stay one more night in my house, the court hasn’t said anything so I can do it. So my husband is winding the s**t up me, saying what he says is the law, well we haven’t got to the law yet. Lawyers aren’t the law. Lawyers are there to f*** the law. That’s what I always said. Anyway I may have some more thoughts later.’

Mailonline has contacted representatives for Ioan Gruffudd for comment. Ioan’s divorce papers cite irreconcilable differences as the reason behind his split from his wife of 14 years, Alice. The couple share daughters Ella, 11, and Elsie, seven. The document, which was filed Los Angeles Superior Court on March 1, also reveals the former couple separated on New Year’s Day – a month before they went public with their relationship status.

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First off, Ioan’s divorce filing says that they split on New Year’s Day, but Alice claimed (at the time) in late January that Ioan just suddenly announced that he wanted a divorce right then and there. That’s… interesting. I have long suspected that Alice and Ioan were mostly separated for months, but perhaps not talking the specifics of a divorce. He was filming in Australia, etc. I don’t know what the real timeline is but I do suspect that Alice is an unreliable narrator on that issue in particular.

As for her collaborative divorce comments… the purpose of this kind of arrangement is that you’re keeping sh-t civil and working out everything with your lawyers and perhaps a retired judge, then presenting the finished deal to the family court. The whole purpose is to keep celebrities and well-known names out of the press while you hammer sh-t out. Ioan and his lawyers are probably fuming about this.

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