Alice Evans claims what shes going through is every womans nightmare

Alice Evans claims what shes going through is every womans nightmare


Alice Evans is a legend in her own mind. She thinks she’s doing something no other woman has done before: publicly harass her estranged husband and be a manipulative psycho. Alice was on a British talk show this week and while most of the headlines are about how she “broke down in tears” during the interview, I laughed my ass off at some of her quotes. She is truly living in her own little delusional world and – weirdly?? – she thinks she has the moral high ground, and that everyone is on her “side.” Also, she lies a lot!! I’m not even following the minutiae of this gossip story and I know she contradicts herself at every bloody turn. Some quotes from the interview:

Every woman’s nightmare: “It’s been very tough, but just wanted to say thank you for having me on to speak about what is every woman’s nightmare. The reason I’m wanting to do this is because of the incredible feedback that I’ve had. I was completely unaware that so many people who have gone through exactly the same thing. Nobody talks about this sort of thing so I thought I would be that person.”

Whether Ioan is still speaking to her: “No. He won’t talk to me. He’ll talk to me only through lawyers. He’ll rarely talk to the children on FaceTime and when I lean in, he’ll call the lawyers.”

When things went wrong: “Only when my husband came back from his last season from a show he was filming in Australia [… before] everything was fine, it was wonderful. We were so pleased to get him out of the country, I feel like such a fool… he came in and hugged the kids, then dryly gave me a kiss on the cheek and that was how I knew something was wrong.”

Smug married: She described herself as being “one of those smug married couples” and never believed that such a situation would happen to them. “When he said in the first few days, ‘Oh I don’t love you anymore’… it was just so out of the blue. He kept saying, ‘Sorry, I don’t feel the same for you, I might leave’.” Alice explained that when Ioan was at the home he wouldn’t talk or look at her and slept in the spare room. “I was losing my mind,” she said. “Then I tweeted ‘He’s leaving us’ and everything blew up.”

No dignity: “There was so much talk of a dignified silence. I don’t understand how you can talk about a dignified silence when my whole life was falling apart around me.”

Ioan’s relationship with Bianca: “My phone pinged and it said, ‘Ioan Gruffudd has unblocked you on Instagram’ or whatever. I thought, ‘Oh! Maybe there’s a chance he wants to talk.’ And then it was announced by him and his mistress that they were a couple on Instagram two weeks ago. I just looked at the picture and it said something like, ‘Finally somebody who can make me happy.’ And then people started pinging from his set in Australia saying, ‘So glad you guys are finally out and allowed to be happy and you’re not being held back anymore.’ I was just slayed. I was slayed. This is my husband!”

[From The Daily Mirror]

OH MY GOD!! How many times is she going to tell different versions of the story where she found out about Bianca? She always ends the story the same way: “This is my husband!” Lady, he told you he was leaving a year and a half ago! He withstood your efforts to manipulate him and publicly shame him into staying with you. He filed for divorce and will only communicate with you through lawyers! The man is not “yours” anymore. You don’t have ownership over him. He was deeply unhappy, he left and he’s trying to find happiness with someone else. And yes, people talk about this sh-t all the time! She really thinks she’s a pioneer of making an ass out of herself.

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