Adele ‘can’t bear’ Love Island and says ‘people will do anything to be famous’

Adele ‘can’t bear’ Love Island and says ‘people will do anything to be famous’


Adele has shared her opinions on Love Island and revealed that she “can’t stand” the hit ITV2 reality show.

Having just celebrated the release of her new album, 30, the singer made an appearance in a YouTube video with make-up artist Nikkie de Jager, where a fresh-faced Adele had half of her face made up to showcase “the power of make-up”.

Topics of conversations ranged from Adele’s experience meeting Oprah Winfrey to her biggest beauty mistakes, but the star had some strong opinions when it came to reality TV.

Adele, 33, shared how she couldn’t watch Real Housewives because her “brain will die” but admitted that, despite preferring programmes that she “will actually learn from”, she does occasionally indulge in “mind-numbing TV”.

“Like Love Island. No, I’m kidding,” Nikkie suggested.

“I can’t bear that show, oh my god,” replied Adele.

Referencing her ex-husband Simon Konecki, she added: “My son’s dad loves stuff like that, and I remember one time trying to get into it when I was home for a summer doing shows.”

Adele outlined how surprised she was when one islander said they hoped that their mum’s proud of them, stating: “I couldn’t believe it. I’m thinking like, they’re all having sex on TV! Actually having sex!”

The singer was even more confused when Nikkie told her about a show called Temptation Island, where real-life couples are separated and others try to seduce them.

"People will do anything to be famous, it’s insane!’ she remarked, before touching on the pressures of fame, where she explained that the biggest misconception about being famous is that it means your life is good in all areas.

“Fame is such a rare thing to happen that it’s hopeful for a lot of people… it gives people a lot of hope,” she said.

“But just because you have a successful career doesn’t mean your life is successful, it’s hard to get a balance and it’s quite terrifying living those things out in public.”

Many fans took to social media to compliment the Easy On Me singer, as they admired her natural beauty and flawless complexion in the video.

One fan wrote: "In love with bare faced Adele", as another echoed the statement, adding: "So much natural beauty!"

Another follower replied to one of the star's tweets, writing: "You're absolutely gorgeous with or without makeup!"

Others were quick to agree, commenting: "You're beautiful without makeup."

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