Shirley Ballas begs for fans to be ‘kind’ after death threats and difficult week

Strictly Come Dancing 's Shirley Ballas has pleaded with fans to be kind.

The head judge faced death threats after Dianne Buswell and Dev Griffiths were booted off in a controversial eviction on the show last weekend.

As well as the abuse, the Strictly star also had a difficult week because she had to be hooked up to a drip sparking fear for her health among fans.

Shirley filmed a piece to camera to discuss the drama that had been rumbling on this week.

She said: "After quite a difficult week, I managed to do It Takes Two… I'm really looking forward to the show hope everyone will tune in.

"Everyone remember to do your very best. I'm looking forward to everyone's performance.

"Lets try to be kind to everyone, someone has to go home. Lets try to work together as a team. Let us really make it a marvellous beautiful place to be…

"I'm going to go put VIC on my chest."

It comes after Shirley revealed she had been hooked up to a drip.

The head judge posted several snaps that showed a vitamin drip attached to her arm, and admitted to her followers it had been a tough week.

She wrote: "Full of all sorts of things Vitamin c, Magnesium b12 and the list goes on. Feeling under the weather today as a result of a tough week.

"Hopefully we'll be right as rain for Saturday" she posted.

It comes after pro dancer  Dianne   begged fans to stop sending Shirley death threats, following her and radio DJ Dev's  controversial exit from the popular BBC dance competition last weekend.

The 59-year-old head judge was targeted by furious viewers after the DJ was booted off the competition.

Dev's former dance partner Dianne was forced to take to  Twitter  and plead with trolls to stop sending Shirley Ballas death threats.

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These Are the Hottest Halloween Costumes For 2019, Thanks to the Best Movies and TV Shows

These Are the Hottest Halloween Costumes For 2019, Thanks to the Best Movies and TV Shows

If you want to stay relevant this Halloween, then dressing up as one of 2019’s hottest pop culture references is all you have to do. The movies and TV shows that have come out this year gave 2019 just what it needed, and then some. From star-studded movies like Once Upon a Time in Hollywood to live-action reboots of some of our favorite Disney movies to devastating series finales of some of our favorite shows (yes, we are talking about Game of Thrones), this year blessed our screens with some of the most iconic characters and memorable moments yet.

Complete with wild style, cool trends, and over-the-top fashion statements, 2019’s onscreen entertainment is all the inspiration you could need for this Halloween. You know you would dance the night away in Madeline Martha Mackenzie’s disco outfit from Big Little Lies, and you also know you would love nothing more than to wear one of the totally dangerous outfits that the new Charlie’s Angels cast wears.

So dress your best and throw on one of your favorite characters’ outfits this Halloween, because these are scary good. Take a peek at the best costume ideas of 2019, and take our word when we say that these pop culture-inspired looks will make you the biggest hit of Halloween.

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JANE FRYER finds Suzi Quatro is still rocking in her leathers

She’s 69 but you can still fire up the Quattro: JANE FRYER finds Suzi is still rocking in her leathers, but you’ve got to keep your shoes off the cream carpet at her pop star mansion

Suzi Quatro with one of her bass guitars at her 16th-century, partially moated Essex manor house

Hanging upstairs in Suzi Quatro’s tropically heated, 16th-century, partially moated Essex manor house is a collection of zippered, leather jumpsuits in an array of colours, styles and sizes dating back nearly half a century.

Most still fit the original Wild Woman Of Rock, and many are still worn regularly. Which, given that she’s now 69, is wonderfully encouraging for the rest of us.

But leather jumpsuits are not without their challenges and, according to Suzi’s extremely twinkly husband, Rainer Haas, the main problem is getting them off. ‘They get so sweaty, I have to peel her out at the end of each concert,’ he says in his husky German accent. ‘And this is sometimes not always so easy.’

Or terribly dignified. Because, as Suzi points out: ‘Of course you can’t wear anything underneath. So afterwards, you just turn them inside out and hang them out to dry and well . . .’

It is 46 years and 55 million records since Suzi stormed onto Top Of The Pops with her song Can The Can and changed the face of rock music, Suzi is still touring

‘Disinfectant!’ cries Rainer. ‘You need disinfectant and to give them a Polish shower! [the term for spraying them with perfume]. Ha, ha, ha! And then let them dry.’

He should know. While his contemporaries are playing golf, birdwatching or just sipping gin and tonics in their conservatories, Rainer, a former concert promoter, is still involved in this leathery tussle on a regular basis.

Suited and booted: Suzi with a stuffed leopard in 1973 

Because amazingly, 46 years and 55 million records after she stormed onto Top Of The Pops with her song Can The Can and changed the face of rock music, Suzi is still touring. Night after night, in cities all round the world, she stomps about on stage — singing, yelling, swearing, thumping away on an electric bass almost as big as her and driving men (and quite a few women) of a certain age wild. ‘She’s jumping about for two hours in the leather, in the hot lights with her heavy bass,’ says Rainer, proudly. ‘But most of the audience can’t even stand up properly any more!’

We meet part-way through what surely must be her millionth tour — she has squeezed me in between the German and Australian legs — just as a documentary about her rock ’n’ roll life, Suzi Q, is released.

At first it’s a bit disappointing to find she doesn’t look anything like an ageing hellcat — teeny-weeny with size-three feet, artfully shaggy hair, plump skin, perfect teeth and far more concerned about her cream carpets — ‘Shoes off, shoes off, no exceptions!’ — than anything else. ‘I am very particular about my carpets,’ she says. ‘They’re really nice carpets.’

Turns out there are two Suzis. One is this obsessively tidy granny (yes, really!) who likes nothing more than a game of Scrabble, a glass of fine wine, the sound of the vacuum and the smell of polish being rubbed liberally into her centuries-old wood-panelling by her housekeeper Alison.

The other is her rock chick alter ego. ‘As soon as I zip up the suit, I’m gone and the other Suzi’s there!’ she cries.

‘And the minute I come off stage, I can feel her leaving me. Once, when I was being filmed, I could actually see her go.’

So, presumably, it was the stage Suzi who once shot pal Alice Cooper in the face with a dart gun. And deliberately smashed her bass into the face of a fan doing unsavoury things with his tongue at her during a concert.

Poster for Suzi Q with the title: ‘The Queen has come to claim her crown’ (left).  Suzi with her guitar dressed head to toe in leather (right) 

While one Suzi is an obsessively tidy Granny the other is her rock chick alter ego. ‘As soon as I zip up the suit, I’m gone and the other Suzi’s there!’ she cries (pictured in her younger years) 

And who played on despite a broken arm at a concert in Australia, is best friends with Iggy Pop and Debbie Harry and fought back at all the men who couldn’t resist reaching out to her Rear of the Year (she won the competition in 1982). ‘I’ve kneed men in the balls,’ she grins. ‘I’ve punched and I’ve also slapped a few men, very hard.’

One of the few times she was rendered speechless was at a Prince’s Trust event in the mid-Eighties when Prince Charles told her she had ‘the best legs since Tina Turner’.

‘I just stood there with my mouth hanging open. I just didn’t expect Prince Charles to say that’, she says. ‘I didn’t even say thank you! He caught me completely off guard.’

Suzi Quatro wearing a neckerchief and leather jacket at the Festival Hall Melbourne in 1974

Elvis had also left her speechless when, in 1974, he called to compliment her on her version of All Shook Up and invited her to his home, Graceland.

She replied tartly: ‘No, thank you. I’m very busy.’

British guitarist Len Tuckey, Suzi’s first husband, on their wedding day in December 1976 

‘How dumb could you be?’ she says today, slapping her forehead. ‘But he was my hero and I wasn’t quite ready to meet him. I wanted to be on a more equal plane. I didn’t know there wouldn’t be another chance!’

No wonder her life has just been made into a documentary. It’s a huge story of grit, determination and relentless focus.

How a teeny girl from a musical family in Detroit pursued her dream to be a rock star with a single-mindedness that left her four ambitious sisters, parents, first husband (British guitarist Len Tuckey) — and, occasionally, their two children — trailing in her wake.

‘I realised from a very young age that I didn’t fit with the rest of my family. I was different. The loner. The odd one out — maybe I’m not even their kid!’ she jokes. ‘So I concentrated on finding my voice. On being the one-off person that I am. And I am a one-off!’

She found her path when she saw Elvis on TV when she was six. ‘I just wanted to be him and it didn’t occur to me that I couldn’t be. From then on, that was my purpose. My point.’

Suzi at her Essex manor houe with her bass and collection of guitars. When Elvis invited her to his home in Graceland in 1974 she replied tartly: ‘No, thank you. I’m very busy’ 

So when her elder sister suggested they form an all-girl band, she jumped at it and taught herself the bass guitar.

The Pleasure Seekers took off immediately. They were soon touring and 14-year-old Suzi was the star of the show.

As such, when their success waned, she was the one plucked out for a recording deal in London while, at home, resentment festered.

When Suiz’s older sister suggested they form an all-girl band, she jumped at it and taught herself the bass guitar 

‘Nothing could hold me back,’ she says. ‘I am the least selfish person you could imagine. But I had a purpose and I had a path and nothing could stop me from following it.’ The first two years were hard and lonely — she knew no one and lived alone in a bedsit writing songs her new producer Mickie Most hated.

Success finally came in 1973, after her first snarling appearance on Top Of The Pops in platform boots and what were to become her signature leathers.

She allowed herself just 24 hours to go bonkers before coming back down to earth and getting back to work.

American sitcom Happy Days with Suzi Quatro as bass player Leather Tuscadero pictured with Henry Winkler as Fonzie 

For while onstage she was ballsy, outspoken in interviews, an angry, sneering wild woman of rock and very, very sexy, off-stage she was almost shockingly calm. ‘I call her the “mild woman of rock”,’ says husband Rainer.

Even back in the day, there were hardly any drugs — ‘I smoked marijuana as a teenager but it sped me up — I couldn’t stop talking!’ — no orgies with groupies, despite plenty of propositions ‘from both sexes’ and the odd sweaty jockstrap hurled on stage.

‘Some people want [me] to be the rock legend off stage as well and that’s dangerous. Dangerous and unhealthy,’ she says.

‘I am my mother’s daughter and she was very religious. I never allowed any of that crazy behaviour to come into my sphere.’

What, not even the occasional drug-fuelled bender, or a TV or two hurled out of the window?

‘I am quite square. I have Catholic guilt. I believe in fidelity and I had a partner in the band,’ she says firmly. ‘I met Len in the band and he and I were in love in two weeks. I was aware of temptation, I never got into a situation where anything might be out of hand.

‘I was very strict about that. So if a party looked crazy, we were gone off home to bed.’

Nothing has changed. Housekeeper Alison — who clearly adores her — has been working for her for decades. ‘I was expecting excitement. I said to my husband: “Oh God, it’s going to be crazy parties!” But nothing. Just endless juicing. I was so disappointed. She has never been wild at home, ever.’

Suzi did (just once) wreck a hotel room in Melbourne, at the end of an eight-month tour. But instead of it happening at some crazy party, she planned it — ‘It’s not very rock ’n’ roll, but I do like to plan things,’ she says.

She carefully selected feather pillows from her room to make the most mess when she sliced them open with a knife, then blew up the TV — ‘you just pour water in when it’s plugged in and that does it.’

And there was a Christmas party here at the manor a couple of years ago, but instead of vodka shots, guests were greeted with a stern notice from the hostess: ‘Shoes off, or f*** off.’

Suzi always has to be in charge. So she proposed to both husbands within weeks of meeting them — in 1973 and 1993 respectively. ‘If I want to marry you, I ask,’ she explains firmly. ‘I had 25 marriage proposals, but the answer was always no, because they asked. I wanna be in charge, so I ask.’

Equally when, after five years of trying, she and Len finally had their children, Laura and Richard, she insisted on taking them on the road until they were old enough for school. ‘I wouldn’t give up my life to join theirs, so we were all doing it together’, she said.

The Pleasure Seekers took off immediately. They were soon touring and 14-year-old Suzi was the star of the show

However hard she tried to separate the two Suzis, it can’t always have been easy being the offspring of someone so energetic, so driven and focused and so lusted after.

Particularly when her star began to fade after a string of hits in just seven years, instead of sitting back and enjoying the spoils, Suzi was obsessively adapting and changing tack — doing anything to keep her name in lights.

There were three years as bass player Leather Tuscadero, on TV’s Happy Days. She starred in Annie Get Your Gun in the West End, did panto, was on numerous TV panel shows and even Midsomer Murders (as a rock diva electrocuted on stage) — while all the time writing music, poetry and books. ‘My biggest priority in life is creation — always moving forward,’ she says. ‘And my biggest achievement is keeping my feet on the ground.’

Though of course, there’s ‘normal’ and ‘rock star normal’.

So, naturally, Suzi has a tendency to refer to herself in the third person and mention — quite a few times — what a ‘one-off’ she is and admits she adores being famous and recognised. But she is also warm, funny, sweary, has astonishingly muscly arms (and I feel them) from all that bass playing, and is very good company.

Not least when Rainer’s about. ‘He says he’s a lion-tamer and I’m the lion,’ she says, and explains that, soon after they married, he told her he had to be the man in the relationship or it wouldn’t work.

He interjects. ‘From first kiss to being married was three months. People gave us six months. She tries to be bossy, but I’m her husband, not her fan.’

At first it’s a bit disappointing to find she doesn’t look anything like an ageing hellcat — teeny-weeny with size-three feet, artfully shaggy hair, plump skin, perfect teeth (Suzi pictured at home with Jane Fryer) 

Suzi and Rainer have been married for 26 years, but have never lived together. Perhaps that’s the secret. The manor house — which is full of gold discs, awards and photos of Suzi — is her home. His is in Hamburg while they have a house in Majorca that she calls their ‘mutual space’.

So he is just visiting today. They laugh and joke and are wonderfully glinty with each other — to the extent that, when I mention her age, he giggles: ‘That’s not an age, that’s a position . . .’ and she shrieks — ‘Rainer!’ — but clearly doesn’t give a fig.

She’s far too busy finishing off her next album with KT Tunstall, planning the one after that — she will write it with her son in the new studio she’s just had built in the garden — and working on the screenplay of her life story. ‘Miley Cyrus has been mentioned [to play her] but it’s hard because of course I’m a one-off,’ she says, again.

In the meantime, she’s back on stage next week playing to sell-out audiences in Australia.

‘I’m not ready to stop and why should I?’ she says.

Why indeed? Particularly if her handsome Rainer will be hovering in the wings, ready to strip her of her sweaty leathers and join her afterwards for a soothing game of Scrabble.

Suzi Q is in selected cinemas until December, or available on DVD. More information at

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Selena Gomez Posts Another Adorable Throwback Baby Pic & Fans Can’t Handle It — See Cute Pic

Selena Gomez took to Instagram to share a flashback Friday pic and it truly was the cutest thing fans had ever seen on their feed!

Selena Gomez, 27, is obviously beautiful, but she was such a cute little girl in the 90’s! The “Same Old Love” singer took to Instagram on Oct. 18 and posted a #FlashbackFriday pic that was too sweet for words. “I gave my all and they all know it,” the singer captioned the snap, which could be lyrics from her upcoming music. In the photo, a little Selena wore a black shirt and earrings, with the little tot’s black hair pulled up in a half-up, half-down look, her baby bang laying over her forehead. Could it get any cuter? Absolutely! Selena had her hands cupped on one side of her cheek and flashed the best smile. Is this available for fans to frame? Her followers totally loved it. “How cuuuuute,” one follower commented on the throwback image. A number of other fans simply left a string of emojis in the comment section.

It’s not the first throwback that Selena posted, either. The pop star shared another pic on Oct. 16 of a tiny Selena getting her elementary school picture taken. The tiny tot posed proudly with missing baby teeth on full display. In the pic, Selena’s rocking a tiny denim jumper and a white t-shirt for her big moment in front of the camera. It’s unclear what age she is in the pic, but she appears to be just a little bit younger than she did (age 7) when she was on Barney and Friends with Demi Lovato.

Of course, Selena’s Instagram has really been lighting up in the last few days. On Oct. 18, the singer debuted the name of her new single, “Lose You To Love Me” and fans think the song is definitely about her old flame, Justin Bieber, 25. “I needed to lose you to love me. 10.23. Link in bio,” the singer captioned the pic. In the comment section of her post, featuring the album art for her single, one follower even tagged Justin and his wife, Hailey Bieber, 22! Fans, unfortunately, won’t be able to find out what the song is really about until it drops on Oct. 23.

I gave my all and they all know it.

A post shared by Selena Gomez (@selenagomez) on

Until then, the snaps of a young Selena are definitely giving fans the content that they crave. We cannot wait to see what she posts next!

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Chloe Ferry finally confirms split from Geordie Shore co-star Sam Gowland after reunion rumours

Chloe Ferry has confirmed she has split from Sam Gowland after fans speculated the pair were still together.

The Geordie Shore stars, both 24, announced they had broken up in May, but enjoyed a holiday to Dubai together last month.

Fans of the pair were quick to guess they had reconciled after images of the getaway emerged online, but Chloe has now confirmed she is single.

Speaking to The Sun Online, she said: "I’m going back into Geordie Shore house in three days. I am single. I am excited about getting started.

"When you’re going through a hard time it’s good to be around positive energy. My mum’s been supportive, she is amazing.

"Geordie Shore is where my home is. I’ve been there for five years. But I have something else on the table with MTV now.

"It’s exciting. I will always go back to Geordie Shore but this is something I wanted to do.

"They said they had something up their sleeve for me and we’ve been talking about it.

"I said I wanted to do something on the side because I feel ready now. I’ve been wanting to do something different for a long time now."

Chloe, who accused Sam of cheating on her with Love Island winner Amber Davies, was pictured heading to Dubai with her on-off boyfriend last month.

Chloe Ferry surgery: Geordie Shore star looks totally different after multiple cosmetic surgeries

A Twitter user posted a photo of the duo walking down an escalator together amid a number of social media posts from the couple's respective social media profiles.

An insider told The Sun at the time: "They've gone to Dubai. Her friends think she's crazy and just doing it to stop Sam from taking legal action against her.

"Chloe knows it's a toxic relationship but said she's willing to give it another try.

"All her friends tried to talk her out of it but she wouldn't listen and went anyway. They've told her she's being a cop out and an idiot."

After the image sparked rumours of a reunion, Chloe shared a cryptic post about "healing".

She posted to her 3.4million Instagram followers: "The universe is not in a hurry. You are. It's why you are anxious, stressed and disappointed.Trust that what was meant to be yours, will be yours."

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A second post read: "Everything heals. Your body heals. Your heart heals. The mind heals. Wounds heal. Your soul repairs itself. Your happiness is always going to come back.”

More recently, Sam has had a tattoo of Chloe's face covered up with a new inking of a bear.

He took to social media to show off the results of his new tattoo, hiding Chloe’s face which previously appeared on his leg.

Taking to Instagram, the TV star shared a video of the cover-up, captioning the clip: "Cover up on thigh, leg sleeve pending."

Fans couldn’t help but remark on the new ink, with one writing: "Was that Chloe before?! Wow."

A second added: "you’ve been more dignified about all this Sam so hats off to you!!"

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Shameless alum Richard Flood joins Grey's Anatomy as Karev's replacement

We’ll see how Alex feels about this…

EW has confirmed that Shameless alum Richard Flood is set to recur on season 16 of Grey’s Anatomy as Dr. Cormac Hayes, the new head of Pediatric Surgery at Grey Sloan Memorial. Of course, Alex Karev was the former head of Pediatric Surgery at the hospital before he — along with Richard and Meredith — was fired at the end of season 15.

Now, Alex has relocated to a new hospital, Pac North, where he serves as the chief of surgery. (He previously had a little bit of experience playing chief when he stepped in for Bailey.) And so far, in the role, Karev has managed to hire Richard Webber and Owen Hunt. So if we’re building to a battle of the hospitals, it’s no surprise that Bailey is trying to beef up her staff with a couple new faces as well.

Flood is known for playing Ford, Fiona’s sketchy boyfriend, on two seasons of Shameless.

Grey’s Anatomy airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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  • ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ star Alex Landi on breaking Asian stereotypes as a stripper on ‘Insatiable’
  • Fans called out Bailey’s hypocrisy on Grey’s Anatomy — and Ellen Pompeo is here for it
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5 Reasons Why TikTok Is the Viral Social Media App You Need to Be On


Sponsored content. Us Weekly receives compensation for this article as well as for purchases made when you click on a link and buy something below.

Videos go viral seemingly every day, but recently, a large chunk of them have been coming straight from a single source: TikTok. The wildly popular micro-vlogging app is all the rage these days, as people from all over the world immerse themselves in the platform both to consume and create content.

Memes like “Here’s The *tap* *tap* Tea” and the “Microwave Challenge” were all birthed on TikTok, and there’s plenty more where they came from.

As it’s rapidly climbing the ranks of popular social media, you might be wondering what it is that makes TikTok tick (pun intended). Is it because it offers an almost endless stream of memes? Is it because it’s the new source for social media superstars? Is it because it can skyrocket you to internet fame, even for just a little while?

Maybe it’s all of those, but here’s precisely why you should ride the TikTok trend, and stat:

You can get your creative juices flowing.

The thing about Tik Tok is that it gives you the unfettered freedom to create anything and everything under the sun. And that’s not even an exaggeration.

Thought of something funny that you think has the potential to be the next “it” meme? TikTok it away. Want to show off your singing skills? Post some of your covers and expect to gain a newer, bigger audience. Want people to find out how well you dance? You know what to do — record yourself, upload it on the app, and wait for the love to roll in.

TikTok is a space that encourages creativity and a place where you can feel free to show off what you got, no matter how ridiculous you think it is. There’s always bound to be an audience waiting for you.

You can get inspiration.

And, if you think your internal creative pool has been depleted, you can also use TikTok to get some inspiration from anyone and everything. Considering there are hundreds, if not thousands of niches and mini-communities deep within the platform, you can explore each one to get inspiration.

Consume snippets of people completing DIY projects. Watch home cooks and chefs concoct mouthwatering meals. Listen to original songs written by aspiring musicians. Binge dance covers that would make you want to create your own choreography. Watch whatever you want, and it’s almost guaranteed that the creative spark you thought you lost will be ignited once again.

It’s fertile ground for memes.

As already mentioned, memes are TikTok’s middle name, if it had one. When you’ve had a bad day or are just bored out of your wits, just scroll through the app and you’ll surely come across a ton of videos that would make you laugh your socks off.

Whether it’s another viral dance challenge, mind-blowing magic tricks, or pets dancing to “Mr. Sandman”, TikTok is fertile ground for hilarious memes.

You can be part of a wonderful community.

One of the best things about TikTok is that it’s a massive community where everyone is your friend. And then there are sub-communities where you can find people you have common interests, with whom you can connect and share content.

You don’t even have to feel like you’re going to get judged for the content you produce. They’re creating the same type of content as you, and moving within the same circle as you, so you’re all like one big family.

TikTok is partnering with Tilly’s

Being the birthplace for many of today’s biggest trends and memes, it makes sense that TikTok would collaborate with the equally on-trend brand Tilly’s. With the Internet buzzing with talk about aliens, colonizing Mars, and UFOs, the two brands are releasing limited edition merch which you can wear when you welcome our extraterrestrial friends with open arms.

There will be multiple designs available so everyone can look out of this world, literally. Based on the most popular memes as of late, the shirts correspond to trends we can’t get enough of: e-girl alien, microwave challenge alien, and e-girl alien undershot tees.

Want to meet aliens in style? Head on over to Tilly’s to find out how you can get your hands on the exclusive shirts. And, if you haven’t already, make sure to download TikTok yourself so you can get in on all the latest and greatest content.

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The Shop With Us team may receive products free of charge from manufacturers to test. In addition, Us Weekly receives compensation from the manufacturer of the products we write about when you click on a link and then purchase the product featured in an article. This does not drive our decision as to whether or not a product or service is featured or recommended. Shop With Us operates independently from advertising sales team. We welcome your feedback at [email protected] Happy shopping!

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Spoilers: Callum in danger as Leo make him his next target in EastEnders

Leo King (Tom Wells) has been secretly targeting Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty) in EastEnders for the past couple of weeks and, tonight, he prepared to take his plan to the next level by asking Whitney to come back to his place. However, his plans were scuppered due to Whitney’s conflicted feelings over ex-fiancé Callum ‘Halfway’ Highway (Tony Clay). Now — knowing that Callum will be a problem — evil Leo seemigly has plans to remove him from the equation.

After discovering Callum had cheated on her with Ben (Max Bowden), Whitney was left devastated and thus headed off on her honeymoon on her own. Upon her return to Walford, it became apparent that she’d had a whirlwind holiday romance, and viewers were shocked to discover that her new beau was none other than Leo — the son of paedophile Tony (Chris Coghill).

Over the last few weeks, Leo has attempted to get closer to Whitney, and he’s succeeded in doing so thus far, but tonight, he encountered an obstacle — and a pretty big one at that — as Whitney’s feelings for Callum came to the forefront once more.

Leo surprised Whitney at E20 and, as a result, the pair had a drink together. Problems ensued rather quickly, as Callum and Ben arrived — evidently on a date — and Whitney’s mood changed as a result. Nonetheless, Leo upped his game, as he quizzed Whitney about her exes, but she became overly emotional — and just as he was getting her to open up about Tony — a worried Callum approached to see if she was alright.

Leo was fuming that Callum ruined his moment — but Whitney didn’t mind, and thus she sent Leo to get her another drink. Leo knew instantly that Callum was going to be thorn in his side, as with him looking out for Whitney — not to mention her still harbouring feelings for him — getting close to her was going to be particularly tricky.

Whitney attempted to kiss Callum, but he pulled away, informing her that he loves her only as a friend. An emotional Whitney then revealed that she feels as if she doesn’t fit in anywhere, and Callum — sweet as ever — told her that simply isn’t the case at all, but rather everyone else needs to fit in with her.

Touched, Whitney decided to call it a night. Leo glared at Callum — the disdain apparent in his eyes — as he carried her out of E20. Before exiting the premises, Whitney informed Leo she’s not ready for another relationship,

The episode came to a conclusion as a disgruntled Leo scrolled through Whitney’s social media, before stopping at image of her and Callum from happier days. With Callum’s full name on display in the picture, Leo stared at the phone screen — a plan seemingly forming in his head.

Callum’s going to be a problem for Leo for sure, so Leo will no doubt set about removing him from the picture — or, at the very least, from Whitney’s mind.

The question is: how will he go about doing so? And what length is he willing to go to in order to carry out his plan?

EastEnders continues on Monday 21st October at 8pm on BBC One.

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Listen to & Juliet turn Britney Spears' Baby One More Time into a haunting call to arms

The West End is getting a big dose of pop thanks to & Juliet.

The new musical features the works of legendary pop songwriter Max Martin, and we’ve got a sneak peek at how the London show is putting a new spin on iconic classics with the original London cast recording cover of Britney Spears‘ “… Baby One More Time.” Performed by & Juliet star Miriam-Teak Lee, the new version transforms the bubblegum pop hit into a haunting call-to-arms that is going to give you chills. Listen to the cover above now.

This is the second track released ahead of & Juliet’s opening at London’s Shaftesbury Theatre in November. Atlantic Records previously released the original cast recording of “Roar” last month. Listen to that cover, also performed by Lee, below.

Aside from putting a new spin on classic pop songs, & Juliet is also remixing a classic tale by telling the story of Romeo & Juliet from Juliet’s point-of-view. What if Juliet’s famous ending was really just her beginning? What if she decided to choose her own fate? The “hilariously irreverent” new musical tells the “timely and timeless” story of Juliet’s sensational journey of self-discovery and second chances, with Lee in the titular role.

The entire songbook highlights the music and lyrics of Martin, who is responsible for some of the most glittering pop anthems of the last three decades, all newly arranged for the stage by Tony and Grammy Award-winning musical supervisor/orchestrator/producer Bill Sherman (Hamilton, In The Heights) and with musical direction by Grammy Award-winning producer/composer/multi-instrumentalist Dominic Fallacaro.

Produced by Martin, Tim Headington, Theresa Steele Page, Jenny Petersson, and Martin Dodd, & Juliet has already wrapped a limited season at Manchester Opera House and will begin a run at London’s Shaftesbury Theatre on November 2nd, with opening night on November 20th. Tickets are available now.

Check out the full tracklist, featuring some of your favorite pop songs from the past 30 years, for the musical below:

1. “Larger Than Life”
2. “I Want It That Way”
3. “… Baby One More Time”
4. “Show Me The Meaning of Being Lonely”
5. “Domino”
6. “Show Me Love”
7. “Blow”
8. “I’m Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman”
9. “Overprotected”
10. “Confident”
11. “Teenage Dream” / “Break Free”
12. “Oops! … I Did It Again”
13. “I Kissed A Girl”
14. “It’s My Life”
15. “Love Me Like You Do”
16. “Since U Been Gone”
17. “Whataya Want From Me”
18. “One More Try”
19. “Problem” / “Can’t Feel My Face”
20. “That’s The Way It Is”
21. “Everybody”
22. “As Long As You Love Me”
23. “It’s Gonna Be Me”
24. “Shape Of My Heart”
25. “Stronger”
26. “F**kin’ Perfect (Explicit)”
27. “Roar”
28. “I Want It That Way (Reprise)”
29. “Can’t Stop The Feeling!”
30. “One More Try (Original Version)”

& Juliet (Original London Cast Recording) will be released on Nov. 15, and is available now for pre-order.

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Coronation Street fans certain mystery person will stab Josh – not David

In tonight's bumper hour-long Coronation Street, David Platt (Jack P Shepherd) got a horrible surprise that threatened to make his time in prison even worse.

He bumped into his rapist Josh Tucker (Ryan Clayton) after the twisted lad was moved to the same prison and ended up in the hospital wing after being attacked by another inmate.

Corrie spoilers revealed that Josh will be stabbed in next week's prison riot and that David will swear he wasn't involved.

And it turns out viewers are already certain the long-running character will be innocent and not have anything to do with it, like he will say.

In tonight's episode, David told cellmate Abe Crowley (Liam Boyle) that Josh was in prison for raping him, after Abe discovered his crime.

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Later, Abe informed David of an impending prison riot, and tried to persuade him to take some drastic action against Josh.

He told him: "You can get away with all sorts when there's a riot."

He went on: "You said if you got him on your own you'd kill him, right? Now's your chance."

But fans are convinced that David won't be the one to stab Josh during the episodes which will air next week.

One said: "David don't get yourself in trouble you're out in three weeks."

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Another wrote: "David will do nothing more than give Josh a bad trim."

A third tweeted: "David's no killer."

And a fourth added: "Surely David isnt actually planning to kill Josh?"

In the spoilers, it was revealed that David tells Abe he wants to deal with Josh alone after he's handed a pair of scissors.

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Later, he rings home and tells Shona (Julia Goulding) that Josh has been stabbed and she needs to find him a lawyer.

However he denies he's involved in the attack, but she soon sees a video of the riot which shows Josh collapsing from a stab wound and David close by.

Could David really be innocent?

Coronation Street continues Monday at 7.30pm on ITV.

  • Coronation Street

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